EDoubleE Farms LLC was established 2023 in Bluejacket, Oklahoma. The farm consists of 30 acres, with pastures dedicated to rotational grazing for our chickens and goats. We carry an egg packers license and have our license to process poultry on farm. However, we prefer to process our poultry through either a State or USDA certified processing plant so we are able to sell at local farmers markets and to retail stores in addition to direct sales to consumers.

EDoubleE Farms LLC has an opportunity to be an integral part of your community, by producing and providing quality products from our farm, and sourcing the same from other local farms. We hope you will come along with us on our journey by supporting us with purchases from our small business that is a combination of Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, and Latino Owned.

EDoubleE Farms LLC is growing Cornish Cross chicken and laying chickens (for eggs) on pasture. We feed a 20% protein pellet from Stillwater Milling Co., fresh grass, and bugs. We use chicken tractors and mobile chicken coops to keep the birds safe from predators and so we can move them to fresh grass regularly.

Our farm is a dream come true, a dream of growing our own produce and meat, to be less dependent on big box stores, to have peace and quiet, and to enjoy the work that we do.

It has been a wonderful adjustment going from the city to the country, an adjustment that has been easier with the support of the friends and community.

Where we moved from Southern California, the cost of living was high, as was the cost of land. But that wasn’t the only thing that brought Luis & Cassandra here. It was a flight “home” after a long overdue visit with friends. Watching the countryside go from green, lush, pastureland, rivers flowing to ever bigger rivers and lakes – to brown, dry desert. As someone who lived in a desert all of her life, this was no surprise and the desert does has a beauty all of it’s own. However, the dream and desire to live and grow on land that was fertile, lush with greenery and available water, was reborn. Thus began the search for land that would soon become EDoubleE Farms LLC, their home.


Luis E.

Grew up in Southern California and Indianapolis. Before he joined the Army at 19, he spent his teen years participating in 4H, FFA, and Boyscouts. He showed llamas winning numerous 1st place awards. He also helped care for horses that were boarded at their farm. During his time in the Army, his job was a small arms and artillery repairman. After 9 years in the Army he went to work in the IT industry. He met Cassie through a friend and the rest was history. He always wanted to get back to the farm and when the cost of living in Southern California grew to be too high, they decided to look for another way of life. Fast forward to 2023, and they bought 30 acres in Bluejacket. EDoubleE Farms LLC was born and off to a good start. Luis would like to add a mule, a few llamas, and some quail to the goats and chickens currently on the farm. He works full time taking care of the Farm, while also pursuing his own interests in firearms.

Cassandra (Cassie) E.

Grew up in Southern California and lived there all her life. She has a BS in Accountancy from National University, an Associates Degree with an emphasis on Business Management from Fullerton College, and has owned & operated several successful businesses. As a little girl, she always dreamed of living somewhere with wide open spaces. Little did she know Oklahoma was calling to her even then. She has worked the last 20 years in accounting and still works full time from home. Meeting Luis and getting re-acquainted in 2019 lead to love. Together, they wanted to start a family and find a place to lead a more self sufficient lifestyle. Here in Bluejacket, she has found a place to call home, with chickens, goats, cats, a dog, and shortly, a llama or two. She hopes to add a kid, or two, to the human family as well.